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If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment or visit us on Facebook

If this is an emergency remain calm and visit Hermit Crab Owners for assistance.

You can fill out this questionnaire so you can provide detailed information and someone will help you. This will help determine the problem to a sudden issue, explain a death or review your conditions to rule out a problem. Posting a photo of your krabitat is also encouraged to solve concerns. We are here to guide and help you and your hermits.

  1. What type of enclosure is your krabitat, and how large is it? Can you describe your lid?
  2. What does your substrate consist of and how many inches deep is it? Is your substrate moist? Is it fresh water?
  3. What kind of hydrometer do you use to gauge the temperature and humidity? What is the average temp and RH? Where is it located in the tank?
  4. Do you have a heat source? If so, what kind?
  5. Do you use moss? If so, what kind?
  6. What water pools do you have available? Are they treated with water conditioner? What is your water source? Are your crabs able to fully submerge, shell and all? Please list all brands associated with your pools/water treatment.
  7. How many crabs do you have and what are their sizes?
  8. If you do not have a photo of your krabitat, can you describe what does it look like? Do you have hiding spots, climbing opportunities and other decor? What kind of decor?
  9. What does your hermit diet consist of and do you follow any safe or unsafe lists? Which sources are you using and where are you getting your foods?
  10. What type of interaction do you have with your crabs? For example, do you ever take them out of their enclosure? If so, what for and for how long?
  11. When and how did you obtain your crabs? Have you ever lost any? If so, explain.
  12. Do you have a wide selection of fitted shells available?What kind are they? Are they the correct size?
  13. Have there been any sort of fumes or chemicals near the tank?
  14. What is the maintenance and upkeep of your tank? How often do you attend it?
  15. Is there any other information you feel would be helpful for us to know?Please describe in clear detail what the issue.

Browse through the site and check the Emergency Guide for further assistance.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Lisa Roam says:

    Hi, I see that you have included Repashy Beach Buffet on your safe foods list. I just want to point out that three of the first five ingredients in this product are fish meals. Federal law requires any fish meal/fish scraps imported to the U.S. to contain a minimum of 1,000 PPM of Ethoxyquin prior to exportation from their country of origin. Ethoxyquin is classified as an antioxidant and pesticide and is toxic and potentially fatal to hermit crabs.


  2. Mackenzie says:

    I was thinking about purchasing a few hermit crabs but while researching I came across a few problems. The main problem is my parents are divorced and my mom leaves on the weekends I’m not at her house so there would be no one to take care of them for a few days. I was wondering if bringing them with me and having another tank for them would cause them too much stress because of frequent moving. Another idea I had is to just take the crabitat with me but I’m not sure if even that would cause too much stress. I really want them to do well and be happy and i know they can be stressed if they move too much.


    • Krabitat says:

      Hi Mackenzie,

      It is not recommended to move tanks. Crabs burrow down to molt and this is a stressful period for them. Hermits only need to be closely supervised when recently purchased or placed in a new crabitat. When I had to be out of town during weekends I would leave a variety of dried foods:

      -blood worms
      – unsweetened coconut shreds
      – dehydrated fruit
      – seeds
      – calcium
      – millet
      – a dish with coconut oil and raw honey

      and make sure they had a fresh serving during the week:

      – mango (fruit)
      – shrimp
      – oyster
      – greens

      And they would also feed on moss, safe woods (grape vine, cholla) and worm casting distributed through out the soil.

      An isolation tank (small 10-gallon tank) is recommended to separate if there is ever a concern of an aggressive bully or sick hermit needs to be undisturbed while you are away for the weekend.

      There are also hermit group forums on Facebook, Hermit Crab Owners if you need further detailed assitance 🙂


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