Peek & Boo

Hermit Ecuadorian (Coenobita Compressus)

Peek & Boo are baby E’s. These crazy crabbies are very active climbing and zooming fast in every direction in the tank. Boo is an avid digger and needs deeper substrate to tunnel around with Shelldon. Peek can be found having fun with bubblers in the deep fresh and saltwater pools with Herman. They are social with other hermies. They enjoy playing hide and seek in the moss pits during the day, hence the name Peek & Boo. Smaller hermits tend to molt more often than bigger crabs, sometimes there are exceptions. They can literally be crabby after a molt (pun intended).

Comfortable temperatures and humidity in the tank will encourage the Ecuadorians to be active and come out to explore the tank. They also have moments where they just unwind in their hiding spots.


Tango – Ceri Tremblay

These two heavy eaters tend to shove other crabs out of the way at the food dish. Honey is a natural energy booster. They like to interact with their owner eating popcorn and watching late night animal documentaries through the glass. Peanut butter and apples are the first thing to disappear from  their dishes. Although they enjoy indulging in treats, Peek and Boo require fruits, vegetables, protein, calcium, aquatic plants and vegetation for a balanced diet. They get bored eating the same meal so switch up their menus. Check out information on nutrition and the safe food list for ideas.


  • Ecuadorians have a flat thorax
  • They like shells with a D opening and will try on round opening shells.
  • Smaller E’s tend to be more tan/brown and orange-red/very dark brown as they get older.
  • They can be found in warm pacific beaches from Mexico to South America.