For those looking to sell, buy or adopt their hermit crabs. Check Open Homes for Hermits if you are only rehoming your hermits to an adopter near you.

If you are looking to adopt more crabs into your family, re-homing crabs you have or sell on our site, then this is the guide for you. It will be compiled into three parts to highlight the steps you should take for whichever section applies to you.

You can also share an ad through “Hermit Crab Owners” on Facebook!

I want to Re-home or Sell my Hermit Crabs

  • Where you are located
  • Email
  • How far you are willing to travel
  • If you are willing to ship [and who pays the cost of shipping, you or the adopter]
  • What comes with the crabs (if anything) and is it free or is there a cost
  • What species are they
  • What are the crabs sizes
  • How long have you had them
  • Are any crabs molting at the moment? When do you need them re-homed?
  • What is the best way to contact you

Submit your information or questions to Lacey Ann Vermeulen at


Photos are not required, but extremely helpful and recommended. You are not expected to list why you are re-homing your crab(s), but you can if you wish. The more information you can provide, the better, so that we can find a compatible home for them. It is highly advised that you do NOT charge for the crabs themselves, minus possible shipping costs, but you are allowed to sell their tank and supplies.

  1. Please be open and respectful, but it would be great if you would request photos of the potential adopters tanks, as well as more information about their care. If you would like to, you can have them PM an admin for you having filled out the Emergency/Adoption Survey posted below so we can see that the home is a safe choice.
  2. Please be timely and courteous. If you set up a time and date with an adopter, please be available, especially if they are traveling to you.
  3. Once the crabs leave your hands, they become the adopters crabs. It could be possible that the adopter chooses to not keep in contact with you or share photos even if you want them to. HCO, Krabitat and the Admins can not be held responsible for this.

Tip: We are not the only crab group out there, you are more than welcome to post your crabs elsewhere to help them find a home. This includes the Hermit Crab Association “like” page on Facebook.

I want to adopt new crabs

If you are looking to add more crabs to your family, please follow the recommended steps below. We would love to help you find some in your area!

We hope to assist with some adoptions. Please contact Lacey Ann Vermeulen at prettyncrafts@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Closest Major City
  • Phone Number
  • How far are you willing to travel
  • How big is your tank
  • How many crabs are you willing to adopt
  • Pictures of your tank(s)
  1. Check the group Hermit Crab Owners for any adoption posts, there may be some in your area looking for a home. Please be expected to be asked for question about your care and tank(s), including photos, filling out the Emergency/Adoption Survey and possibly even being spoken to by an HCO admin if requested. It it all a simple process, we promise!
  2. Remember to check your local (or surrounding cities) on Craiglist for crabs in need and be prepared to possibly pay a fee. You can also check local garage sale posts in Facebook groups.

Sell and Buyers Shipping Guidelines

It is advised you follow these steps to have a successful transaction when shipping hermits


  • Sellers must describe how they will be shipping the crabs.
  • Over night shipping only.
  • No international sales (USA ONLY).
  • Must be paid via Paypal.
  • Only two avoidable deaths through shipping allowed, after this you will not be allowed to sell.
  • Live animal arrival guarantee.


  • No international sales (USA ONLY).
  • Must fill out a buyer application, which will include pictures of your tank(s).
  • Must be paid via Paypal.
  • Over night shipping only.

Admins will make a post on the behalf of the seller telling the group and posting on Krabitat who is for sale. Buyers can then fill out an application, and if application is approved the buyer will be put into contact with the seller. HCO and Krabitat have no responsibility in business transactions.

Only ship hermit crabs if temperatures are below 80° and above 60°. Spring and Fall are ideal seasons to ship crabs.

You will need some supplies to ship your hermit crab

  • Tupperware dishes with lids big enough for the crab(s) to sit in
  • Heat packs, depending on the weather. Do not place heat pack inside tupperware
  • Moss
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • Tape

Monday through Thursday are good days to ship. Avoid Shipping during the weekends, as Sunday is a holiday.  Verify with the post office how to ship overnight. Monitor future weather conditions during shipping.

Package Assembly

  1. Soak the moss in dechlorinated fresh water.
  2. Place the moss into the tupperware dish. This will help produce humidity as well as a cushion for your hermits. 
  3. Carefully place your crab into the dish.
  4. Place the lid and secure it with tape.
  5. Stuff newspaper in the box  with the container for a safer trip. Add heating packs during cooler weather, below 60º. 
  6. Label the package as fragile.
  7. Record and share the tracking number with the recipient. Keep an eye on it!

Emergency/Adoption Survey

In case of an emergency, please fill out and submit the following. The more information you provide the better chances we can find a suitable home for them.

  1. What type of enclosure is your tank? How many gallons?
  2. Can you describe your tank’s lid?
  3. What does your substrate consist of and how many inches deep? Is your substrate sand castle consistency? What kind of water was used?
  4. What type of hygrometer are you using to monitor your humidity and temperature? What do you average? Where is it located in the tank?
  5. Do you have a heat source? If so, what kind?
  6. What kind of moss do you use?
  7. What kind of water pools or dishes do you have? What brand of water conditioner? What is your water source? Are your crabs able to fully submerge?
  8. How many crabs do you have? What are their sizes?
  9. If you do not have a photo, please describe your tank in detail? Do you have hiding spots, climbing opportunities and other decor?
  10. What does their diet consist of and do you follow any safe or unsafe lists?
  11. Do you handle your crabs? Do you ever take them out of their enclosure?
  12. When and Where did you obtain your hermits? Have you ever lost any?
  13. Do you have extra shells available for your crabs? What kind of shells? Are they the right fit?
  14. Have there been any sort of fumes or chemicals near the enclosure?
  15. How do you maintain your tank? How often?
  16. Is there any other information you feel would be helpful for us to know? Explain in detail.

Submit your information or questions to Lacey Ann Vermeulen at