HERMAN 3 SThe Strawberry
(Coenobita Perlatus)

Herman is a very active Strawberry Hermit from the pacific islands of Malaysia. They are known for being a bright strawberry red with white dots all over similar to strawberry seeds. In the wild they are found on tropical beach fronts. They enjoy humid and warm environments that remind them of home. Hermits like Herman are energetic in the water. They need deep water pools to submerge and swim for exercise. They need both freshwater and saltwater pools to bathe themselves. Herman enjoys a good workout, climbing, swimming playing with bubblers and digging. Delicate décor is not recommended for these rugged crabs. Plenty of shells is encouraged they are big shell shoppers. They are not quite as picky and like to try on murex, jaded turbos and snail shells. Upgrade shells as they grow.Big tanks are wanted for these hermie gentle giants, as they grow  up to 5 inches from claw to tail!


Strawberries – Ceri Tremblay

Herman can turn into a pale cream color if he gets sick or  has a poor diet. To keep his color bright and red, he will need foods high in beta carotene, lycopene and astaxanthin that are red pigments found in strawberries, dried red shrimp, krill, red and orange bell peppers, carrots, watermelon and edible flowers like hibiscus. Herman also enjoys having a full variety of foods, fruits and vegetables, vegetation and aquatic plants for a balanced diet.


  • These crabs are fit for experienced crab owners.
  • Straws are also known as Ruby Hermit Crabs
  • You can find them in  the pacific islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Strawberries are a threatened species in Australia.