Moss pits provide hiding spots and rises humidity your tank. Sphagnum moss holds more water and stays moist longer than any other type of moss. Natural compounds in moss prevent it from decomposing in humid environments. Other varieties of moss are safe. When shopping for moss confirm the product does not contain dyes or treated with pesticides.

Climbing Nets and Drift Wood


Hermit Climber – Emily Coker

Hermits are natural climbers. Drift wood and nets are excellent for your hermie to climb and get some exercise. Clean woods, nets and any other accessory soaking them in warm treated saltwater and lay out to dry before placing in the tank. Although cholla wood is very popular, it is not safe when it is dyed in paints and glitter. Your crab will snack on the wood to consume the benefits of lignin, cellulose and wood fibers! Check out our list of woods for safe options.


Debora W Tanner

Herbie and Gus – Debora Tanner

UVB lights give the effect of natural sunlight to grow a healthy exoskeleton. CFL and spiral bulbs are not reccomended. You will not have the same effect placing the tank in direct sunlight. The glass will obstruct UVB rays.

Anything less than 40 gallon tanks use 5.0 Reptisun strip light. For 55 gallon and above use 10.0 Reptisun strip lights.

These lights must be changed once per year.

Water Mister

Misting will not be needed with the perfect substrate, water pools, bubblers and moss. It helps have a mister handy if the humidity were to drop. Over misting can lead to flooding in the tank. It is advised to use with caution. Spray with treated dechlorinated fresh water.


Do not spray directly at your Hermit.


For further information visit Hermit Crab Owners/Care_Guide

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